Rimon Winery

Rimon Winery A unique winery of its kind in the world, suitable for connoisseurs seeking a luxury product. Come feel, create and taste - a free tour of the winery and wine tasting, a chocolate workshop, beauty products introducing the healing qualities in the pomegranate fruit, unique group activities, ODT for groups and more.. Group price list

Traktoron Hatzafon

Traktoron Hatzafon, Ya'ara Village An exciting, extreme, challenging combination of action on wheels (field & terrain vehicles), hiking trails and special routes amidst the wild and mysterious nature of the Western Galilee and spectacular views of the landscape Group price list More info

The Sawannah Farm

The Sawannah Farm An enjoyable experience of self-picking all year (excluding January & February): sweet cherry, sour cherry, berries, raspberries, blackberries, nectarines (according to the relevant season). The site, unique and magical, is located at the foot of Mount Meron in the picturesque village of Gush Halav. More info Group price list

Bat Ya’ar Ranch

Bat Ya’ar Ranch, Amouka A special “on top of the world” feeling in the middle of Biria forest, introducing the perfect and an unforgettable atmosphere. A combination of horseback riding, jeep tours, special concept events and a culinary experience for groups - Nature Events with Kosher catering A cowboy steak house restaurant, where country music is played and fresh veal cuts are served, is available (Kosher style). Group price list

Nofey Gonen Holiday Village

Nofey Gonen Holiday Village Located at Kibbutz Gonen, in the Upper Galilee, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Naftali Mountains and the Hula Valley. A look back reveals to the beholder the wild basalt landscapes of the Golan Heights. Great accommodations – the perfect spot for tours of the area with a special Kibbutz ambience. Group price list

Stekia Bakfar restaurant

Stekia Bakfar restaurant Ya'ara Village is the home of this family owned Chef restaurant overlooking the breathtaking scenery of the Western Galilee. The country-style atmosphere, with its thick stone and wood walls, warmly welcome for a celebration of flavors and aromas home made variety of salads and starts, grilled meat and grilled fish. Enhancing the dining experience is the personal service of the family, making you feel at home. The kitchen is Kosher Lemahadrin. Group price list

Rahamin Simcha & Sons restaurants

Rahamin Simcha & Sons restaurants Tiberias & Rosh Pina Operating since 1980, these family owned restaurants offer an authentic dining, presenting their family's tradition recipes and home-made dishes, emphasizing on raw and fresh products of high standard and quality. A festival of Kosher Mediterranean style grilled meat, large variety of raw and fresh vegetables and freshly baked lafa (oriental bread) from the oven Group price list

The House of TetVav

The House of TetVav & the old city of Safed One of the most special houses in the picturesque Artists' Quarter and the streets of the mystical old city of Safed. Multi-media three dimensions experience – "secret stones" – a ride through the gates of the old city and the cobblestone alleys, offering a tour of 2000 years of scenes, characters, voices and dreams which created this special city, from the Biblical days through the Crusaders, the Great Rebellion, the Kabbalah period up until the Independence War. Group price list

Bar David Museum

Bar David Museum, Kibbutz Bar Am Located in Kibbutz Bar Am An against the splendid backdrop of the enchanting landscapes of the Galilee on the northern border of Israel, combining the new and old history of our people and legacy. An extraordinary experience, which is devoted to Jewish Art and Judaica, and intriguing encounter of tradition and innovation. The museum bears the name of its donors, Moshe and Tova Bar David. Group price list

Beit Ussishkin

Beit Ussishkin Located in Kibbutz Dan, introducing the first station of the Israel National Trail, this natural oriented museum is owned and run by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). Beit Ussishkin Museum offers the perfect and unique encounter with nature's geography, archaeology and geopolitical aspects of the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights areas. The museum bears the name of its donors, Moshe and Tova Bar David. Group price list

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